Versuri Small Brown Bike - More Or Less

Album: Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning

"Let's start this summer before it ends," is what she said.
"Let's hit the road and live this life before we're dead," he said.
To give is to take. To leave is to break.
Opposing opinions are curling waves.
Misunderstand. Ask then demand.
The situation must go as planned.
I'm at the crossroad of puppetry and pulmonary.
Let's stop this fall before the climb becomes too much to bear.
(Please look at me and listen carefully) This is mine.
(A compromise consists of give and take) We must understand.
Our clenched fists turn to open hands.
It takes more to give than to demand.
I understand. No more demand.
Let's let the waves wash these prints from the sand.
(I should appreciate what he's done for me) Respect is key.
(We love like family and treat like enemies) We must understand.
(Clenched fists turn to open hands. It takes more to give)

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