Versuri Smile Empty Soul - The Other Side

I walk into the room
You don't have to scream I can hear you
Bad trip, the needle sticks
You get your fix from confrontation
I try to make it past
I don't wanna get into it right now
Can't this family have one day
To get away from all the pain

And through the night I see the light
Shining from the neighbor's windows
I dream of life where I'm safe
In a home where I am not alone
Some day I will lay me down
On the grass where everything is greener
It always seems so good on the other side

I'm sick of all the heat
You can taste the hate in the air
Running through this family, uncomfortably
It's burning me
Is anybody there
In your eyes there's nothing to see
Just because your dreams have died
Don't drag me down, I've still got mine

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