Versuri Snapjaw - Devil Incarnated

Album: Snapjaw - Murder Is Only Flesh Deep

i am the one that will take you to the darkest depths of hell
i am the walls that surround you, the last thing you'll see again
step out of the circle, come to me, break the rules and set me free

turn off the lights, close the door
draw the pentagram, on the floor
light the candles and speak my name
and we will meet, my friend

watch the burning flame
pain's my middle name
you cannot escape, the devil incarnate
look into my eyes, flames start to rise
you know it's too late, the devil incarnate

hold the black cat, stare in its eyes
raise the dagger, of sacrifice
throw the leather, in the flame
and we will meet, my friend

bow to me, and i will appear
do the sign, and hold your fear
you summoned me, and i came
we finally meet, my friend

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