Versuri Snapjaw - Rot In Pieces

Album: Snapjaw - Murder Is Only Flesh Deep

I'll never forget you and the things we used to do
I'll never forgive you, for/and the things you did to me
I'll always remember every f*****g word you said
especially your last words, "let's just be friends"

had enough of all your lies, no hellos only goodbyes
good thing no one heard your cries, your stench now calling
the flies

i just love, the way that your body lies
i just love, the sorry look in your eyes
i just love, the blood on your lips
i just love, your cold death kiss

rot in pieces my dear

arteries start to harden, no reflection in her eyes
her skin turning cold, that's no surprise
the blood coagulates, on the knife in her thighs
shinning in the moonlight, with a halo of flies

with my basement now your home, you'll never be alone
you got your maggot to keep you warm, you are now their