Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Falling From A 65 Story Building

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Pussysoul

How Many Lives Does It Take To Change The Times?
Suicide Rates Seem To Climb Every Year
I Just Added One More As I Take The
Descending Rapidly For A Quickened Death?
Moving Fast, Thinking Slow
Memories Of Good And Bad Pass In Thought Of
Should Have Pondered This
Simple Problem Only Made Bigger
Should've Just Sat Down And Figured Them Out
The Whole Situation Out Of Hand
Now It's Too Late As I Fall To Misery
All Muttered Words Never Heard
Thoughts Scan My Head As
I'm Falling Down
Faces Smashed Against Mirrored Glass
All I See Are Windows Passing By
Feel The Pain
Don't Ever Love
Numbing Inside
Just A Black Smoke Figure
Against A Brick Wall
If My Life Were To End
Would I Be Satisfied?