Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Fingernails On A Chalkboard

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

Take advantage of weakness in thought
The thought of you is crawling on my skin
I've grown to accept my mistakes
Solid stance in a secluded embrace
Bitter ways that will rise above
Intrusion on this time to reflect
Gritting teeth in a cage of disrespect
Laughter in a moment of neglect
A war started over self righteous needs
Putting innocence in harm's way
Burning wrath of intent
Time to brace the broken sleep
Take the extreme approach
Falling down on trust
Given death to see
Bullets to your head
A bad apple of my eye
Filled with worms of stolen life
Reveal this lost childhood stage
Later outcome for this unkept rage
Dissolve into desire
Growing away from one another
Settling affection that constricts
Grip on scorn behavior
All my friends hate each other
Modest pride lost in this foreplay age
Happiness in problems
Living life in an empty bottle
A backyard open to the world of failure
Defiance of the age of wounds
Clear sight lost in countless ways
Anger breeds in mindless grace
Quiet moment before the end of days
This new age to blame the weak
Mental scars forever scream
Vision of this self rebellion
Dead endeavor of this silenced pain
Arrange this standard
This effigy to sooth the nerves
Keep this mind from straying under staring eyes
Wearing this masked expression
A constant twitch of reaction
Loaded problems that will hide behind the skull
I am in search of the end
Knotted in the gut from a parent's fight
Death is my closest friend
Locked door to the parents' room
I've grown to deny my mistakes
A war finished over selfish ways
Broken teeth in an intense display
Laughter grows to raise your enemies
Precious time
Raping all that is held close
A war of words
These scratchings of a mad man
Filth back talk
Washing your mouth out with soap
All my losses
A day of dead days
Turning to ashes with the phoenix in flames
Like the tenderness We had grown for each other
Step aside and let me hear the complaints
This equal sight for the judgement
Absitenence will want the change
Eyes open
Spit out the truth with no disguise
Surround with caution
These hands being tied
Blank mind set
Naked to the world of regret
Spit out the truth
Slander the rights of love

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