Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Forgive & Regret

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

So you kissed and now you won't tell
Judge and jury
The noose of adultery
Change this attitude towards the weak
All hope dies, don't say it twice
Unstable event for a razor's kiss
Slice marks that engage this act
Appearance of time
To forget about these wounds
Standing on broken legs
Loaded gun next to the only picture of you
The only one with your face scratched out
Love has no love for itself
Burnt hands from this rope of struggle
Pain of ambition broke these morals
This stage of tolerance with faith in others
A limber state that leaves one open
Whispering mouths join for a final scream
This is when I feel like dying
Uncondition can be felt as it comes to a close
In that hallow part of a stressed head
Reborn disgust from these years that seem lost
In this death of friendship an enemy is born
Open words of humiliation, this moment of silence breached
Altercations of this denial, the last cycle in love
This friendship birthed from addicting means
Growing death of a trusted alliance
Everything loyal into nothing
An apology that got the best of me
The things we do for trust in another
Theories come the end of raging laughter
Linking ideas to this fear of the end
Concieve this day of blood
The new beginning