Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

Later is the late move
Tampered with this fault
Misuse of a weakness born
Transition to repress, leaving me annoyed
Tranfer blank mental image to a soul's hallow state
Giving up these weaker plagues
Silencing the the signal to your brain
I think this is coming to and end
Empty feelings of a forgotten revenge
Fatal options will bury one alone
A loved one's empty breath
A friendship buried six feet deep
First time to offer these conflicts
Compassion birthed from frustration
Another emotional conflict
Handle condescending words from a childhood past
Screaming of parents from other rooms
A constant Sunday afternoon affair
Settle for less by losing the day
Vendetta for your rage
Off balance perception of disgrace
The overbearing of consequences
Over dramatized deception
Enabling you to achieve a higher step
Social upbringing forcing change
Feeling empty at this bleak moment
Permission for blind eyes to share jaded pain
Exposed to sunken feelings
Learn your temper
Feeling fatigued from the pain
Marks on the neck from a strangling rage
Dealt the bad cards for a means to an end
Years of personal tragedy
Hitting the bottom
Your major option confused
A prisoner of excuse
Thread the needle
You never promised yourself failure
Save your faith
It might be too late at this point
Never turn your back
A rotating cycle that continues to eat itself
Praised heroes you defile once the truth is learned
Idol of human fault
Another flag to burn
Child in the cradle screams over lullabies
Hangover from a night to settle these tears
The cross you bear has lost the final square
Apathy of enemies, walls of unspoken will
Dress up prejudice and call it politics
A coward's anthem for the incompetent
The poetic ring to your contradictions for the deaf and dumb
Words you've tried to use to explain your faults
Modified ignorance in power
The growing demise of ambitions coming to an end
A tragedy in pride
Watch where you step
Cracked shells of rage
The noose to praise
That smile of guilt, backbone of shame
One wish of death
The ways mistakes show their face
Come to change
Breaking faith
It is far more deeper
Only a question seeker
Motivation a mental overload
Somehow within the failure of yourself you managed to ruin the lives of others
Loaded barrel and a taste of gunsmoke
Not sorry anymore that you were the high school joke
Breathing out silence
Your hope regresses
Getting screamed at for hours

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