Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Rock Paper Scissors

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction 2008

A contraband on the nature of emotion
Missing teeth from illusions of stability
Trapped inside this mental coffin
Only opinion that ever mattered was to them
This conscience will explore truth of greed
Bottled up perception in a locked out age
This time let's make it fact
Savor this moment of antagonistic behavior
Precede with an array of actions induced with an arousal of dislikes
Simply forcing this discomfort
View of spirit, will not obey
Bastard entity that speaks for your god
Traits of power influenced on sheep-like minds
Torture for this account of non-conforming
Withdrawn at this first introduction
Power struggle to force an alliance into two
Sharp thoughts of rebellion break these binds
This oppressed tirade now on the execution line
Finer aspects of this dormant cause
An ability to make the right choice
Hopeless unity in a familiar rise of this resentment
Ignorance and fake compassion
Cemented into this synapse
Pattern of these neurotic habits
In acts against the divine
Immensely induced with fear of end
Revolving doors of words in faith
Diverse affects of influence to the weaker class
Molded image of conceptual tarnish, on knees to beg
Beat them senseless to have your way
Timeless threat of war and faith
Competing claims of who was the first
Personal depth that some don't have
Introspection of a tyrant rant
Falsely claimed the son of man
Divided with warring tongues
King of liars, tribes with guns
This day of war and blood.

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