Versuri SOILENT GREEN - She Cheated On You Twice

Album: SOILENT GREEN - A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down

Love is just a word
That is stepped upon
Complications, to many
Less fortunate one
Turn around lies
At a young age
Smiling, telling lies
Bittersweet rage

Behind closed doors
A whore amongst whores
Try to be a true man
Stagnated moral code
Submission beyond
Last temptation
This gift of love
Transcends into sin

A child or man
Cold heart in hand
Grow through it
Drastic changes

She wanted to be mine
But she lost her mind
This bitter taste of remorse
This love, a lost cause

Sworn to freeze over with cold emotion
Drowning her lips with an untold sort o kiss
A non-temperamental manner to induce this self hate
Too many days pass as you flirt

The stab holes are too many
Not enough to kill, should have made sure
I've seen them slit their wrists in a coward's fashion
Don't attempt, fulfill the after regret
Your hate is weak, weakening your ambition
Take your own life

Feeling like someone pushed you to the end of a line
Not a desire inside of you
God damn this feeling, this love is growing more
Got to reject it, can't neglect it
An unforgiving touch that led to years of stress
Cut with the knife of pleasure and pain

One week of peace with your love
One week of silence for your lust
Lost in indulgence within a general frame
Boy kicks girl...setting a lifetimes trade

An unearthly weakness to override a quest
She swore, she wouldn't tell
These condescending words mean nothing
She said she wouldn't lie
This search for stability through a mental strain
Cost of loss thru suffering
Take an overdose of the quitters' game

Hating this feeling
To drunk...another drink
Wash away the trouble
Take away the pain
Lack of sleep
Chest tight Damn that loss
Punishment of a third degree

Believing she was real
Buying her lust Tying her arms in the most uncompromising manner
She wants more, she begs for more
Taste this love of shameful literature
A burden for the level of second hand stress
A childhood picture coming to life

These long-winded guilt trips are such an obsolete breath of life
Got to bleed this contamination out of my soul
A sense of uneasiness with to much kindness
Somewhere in thee apologies the devil lurks