Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Slapfuck

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Pussysoul

Tie The Girl Of Virgin Scent
Vaginal Fragrance Tempting
Sacrifice Her To The Pleasures
Gestures Fully Absorbed
Thrust My Hand
Into Her c**t
Unveiled Arousal Comes Forth
Discharge Upon Her a*s
p**s On Her c**t
Coming Violently Into Her c**t
A Naked
Girl Sits Astride
Bending Over The Cross
f*****g Her c**t From Behind
The Idols Face Rubs Her Clit
Depucelate Her From The
Legs Bent Towards Me
Pulling Hair
Childhood Encounter With Pornography
Links Path To Choose Sadist Mentality
Flog The a*s
As Two Girls f**k Themselves
Adore The f*****g
My Head Locked In Her Soil-Covered Legs
Smearing My Face
Legs Wet With Saliva And Come
Thrusting Her c**t Into The Air
Savour The Pain Received
Force A Priest To f**k A
Sin Through Sacrifice
Brutally Churn Her c**t
Deep Bleeding Cuts
Drive Fiery Nails Into Breasts
Burn Her Nipples
Encunt A Maid While Held
Erotic, Rape, Bondage

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