Versuri SOILENT GREEN - Theory Of Pride In Tragedy

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

Superhero stature, until this world falls apart
Jesus Christ with a cape on
Taboo truth to never kiss heaven
Disaster on the prolific decline on unity
A stone thrown by a bastard of misconception
Better know your facts and not just rumors from the time before
Drowning existance down to a cause
Forgiveness in multitudes
Adverse silenced hope
Curious opinion loss
Nauseating objectives
Onslaught of personal salvation
Jaded outlook of lost reputation
Burning independence for a nation's lie
This broken tongue of wisdom
Engage in diverse depression
Resent this obsessed takeover
Face the facts of oppression
Pretentious in these faltered ways
Settle for this scourge of silence
Slander names of the dead
Principles of self annihilation
A flaw in history
Victim in faith
Losing these days
Decision of voice
Sound of repress
Hymn for the dead
Yesterday's rage
Tragic outlook
This end comes clear
These buried ideals unearth the past
Unjust, Lifeless, Temper, Dissect
Picking through this unstable event
Ignite, escape, burning down these walls
Symptomatic in a spiral emotional dissonance
Equation of convulsion
Force feeding a bride
Desire catching us off guard
Choking on lies
Raising the interest to this hidden pride
Like when you were a child
Turning turtles on their backs
Leaving them in the sun to die
Starting another soapbox argument
An amazing change of events
Guilty until proven innocent
Celebrate the worthlessness of this ignorance
The triumph of silence for the ingenious
Don't turn this gun away
Lying in this rage to keep
Despise the attitude of the praying silence
Choking words of chance in emotionally mindless
Sounds of silence
No remorse in demands for the task of trials
Tying the knots for necks before they come for the liar
Elixir of logic
Despise the attitude of your grace
A loss for progress in a challenging stage
Intellectual marketing trap
Preying on the ignorant
Devouring the emptiness
Inside the eyes of a child
Blinding lessons in pride
This pestilence of evolution
Declining the human emotion
Symbolize the dying
Persecuted for mistakes
Rise for power