Versuri SOILENT GREEN - They Lie To Hide The Truth

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

Just another side-effect of neglect
Something later in life to regret
This fable to disable a conscience
Symptoms of another weak idea
Use of pain as a step for goals
Never paying attention to a detail
A diagnosis for hidden words
Brainstorming a multitude of lies
Hold your ground, hold your tongue
Actions with words
Told the truth, see the truth, speak a truth
Your own mistake, your own fault
Point fingers at innocence
Find the truth, hide the truth, deny a truth
Cover-up lies, cover-up tracks
A loss through ignorance, lately been needing peace
Feed this habit
Years that pass
A verge of extinction, turmoil between friends
This parasite of knowledge
Spreading the discontent of question
All wrong reasons
Obscene words of animosity
Hidden between insanity
Putting so much trust in ones that you respect
King of the procrastinators
Outspoken citizen of rules
Respect runs deep
This pedestal of indifference
To praise the obvious hypocrite
Justify wrong doings, make an example of others
Spreading yourself too thin, ungratification would lead to an unhappy end
They'll watch you break and let truth be known
This first broken promise never to free the back of minds
It's all the same bullshit
Just a different game
Need to keep a straight head
To exceed the limits of need
Excess of too much stress may cause a disturbance of honesty
Blaming the actions of one on other that sit blind
Like it killed once and got a taste for murder
A distasteful act of humiliation for this kind
Uncomfortable with the situation
Not happy with the fact of lying
Expressions on the face
An obvious downfall in all traits
A perfect mathematical sequence
Passing time with petty arguments
Never show a weakness
A smile for your enemies to question
Impatience has lead to disbelief
Your words mean s**t to me
A quest for independence
A scratch in the pole of this transition
Lie to yourself just to make it through
Change is expected, a switch is needed
The benefit of ones own reason
Assist in aggravation, dissatisfaction
Put the undue questions out of sight
Don't fool yourself, encounter the truth
Face to face this fear sits tight
For all the wrong reasons
Strung up like a thief
A questioned heart inside
Decision sits in a throat
Hating the look on ones face after a lie
A tale of multitudes to hide hard words from the unsecure
Inking patterns for incision to dissect an intelligence of ingenious decision