Versuri SOILENT GREEN - This Glass House Of Broken Words

Album: SOILENT GREEN - Confrontation

Taken in as the eyes roll back
Silent words
Die alone
Offering this visionary action to make truth fact
The loss of human compassion in the end
She spoke of romantic times
A lie
Undetermined love
Wings of the whore opened wide
She smiles and says she loves you
Put a gun to the mouth
All lost love dies
Felt it coming in these past years
Left sitting with no more friends to care
Never show a blank look in question
Force this abrasive resentment
Hopeless, Kisses, Left shameless
Romance, In reason, This treason
Emotion zero
An attitude of unlove
Tears wrinkle these pages
These tainted stages
Decipher this
A pain that is focused
Blank words for the lonesome
Tolerance is wearing thin
Prone manner towards the weak
Bled this forever pain
Lost passion of another love filled stain
Unmatched conviction
Falsify this wise regret
Drunken words of an adore unkept
Swearing lies roll off her breath
Natural causes
A dying of inner love
Last lie
Black duct tape covers this mouth of sin
A harsh kiss
Words trapped in a breath of the end
The pendulum ticks time to bear your loss
Pick-up the pieces to your broken cross
A lustful intention faced with obsessed delirium
Loosing charity with liquor covered of tragedy