La o discutie cu Bastian de la Soilwork

de Cristi Nedelcu

La o discutie cu Bastian de la Soilwork

Bastian de la Soilwork a avut putin timp si a stat la o mica discutie cu noi. Ce a iesit vedeti mai jos.

1. Hello and welcome back! How do you feel about coming back to Romania?

Hello and thank you! I think that the last time we were there was at Rockstadt Open Air in 2016, so we feel very good about finally returning to Romania.

2. What do you think about our metal scene and metal comunity in general?

I think the metal scene in general has a lot to offer. There are so many interesting bands and something is definitely happening in the metal community right now. It seems like there's more than a few bands breaking through with more untraditional metal which is very positive in my opinion.

I think that many metal fans has been very focused on labeling bands in order to put everything into boxes for many years now. You still see people discussing whether something is true or not. Personally that discussion doesn't make much sense to me. When I listen to music I never measure it against sub genres or previous albums to determinate whether I like it or not. In the end, it's music right?

In Soilwork we write music for ourselves. We are all creative human beings that evolves and find new ways to express ourselves and hopefully in the end fans will love what we do like we do. With this in mind I assure you we appreciate our fans and feel a strong connection to them.

3. What's the story behind the European Tour with Amorphis? It's a dream come true for many metalheads to see Soilwork and Amorphis on the same stage, in the same night.

I'd say that the timing was finally right. We've been fans of Amorphis for many years and I think that the lineup for this tour is really great. I'm confident that this tour is going to be a great one. We already have sold out shows and more to come, so don't miss your chance.

It can be difficult to assemble tour packages since all bands should typically have something fairly new released. Right now Amorphis is touring their new release and we have our new album coming in early 2019, so it's a perfect match I would say.

4. You've got some years of stage experience under your belt, do you regret anything or would you have done anything differently?

I wouldn't say we regret anything. It is always a learning experience to be on the road, meet fans and work with other bands. The important thing for us is to feel good about touring. We like to have good reliable people around us, so we can focus on delivering a killer show, cause that's the important part of being on tour. In order to feel good I think that we have learned through the years, to maybe pick our battles a bit and not just grab every opportunity to tour. It have to make sense for us and our fans.

5. New year and new album! What should we expect from Verkligheten?

Indeed. You can expect 'Verkligheten' to be a very thorough and well balanced album. We have put a lot of effort into this album and we are super proud of the end result. I think we have developed our sound from even further. You will still find the classic elements that you know from Soilwork's music, but presented in a new form. The album is very dark and heavy. It's also energetic and somehow very uplifting. We always aim to surprise ourselves and our fans and I think people will be surprised in a very positive way. If you are new to Soilwork I think 'Verkligheten' is a great album to begin with and to work your way back from. It kinda sums up our career and it is very easy to listen and connect to, I would say.

6. For your show in Bucharest with Amorphis, will you play songs only from your new album or will it be a musical journey throughout your discography?

We are really looking forward to bring our new material to life, so we will definitely play new songs off of 'Verkligheten', but we have prepared a great live set celebrating our career. Count on it.

7. You have shared the stage with a lot of bands, is there any band that you haven't been on stage with and you would like to?

Personally I would love to tour with bands such as At The Gates, Machine Head, Revocation and (I'm not sure we will fit the bill very well, but) Behemoth!

8. You've toured all over the world, are there major differences between a show in Japan and one in Europe for example?

It can be different yes. However it is still the same game, so it's not like you will get surprised everywhere you go.

9. At the moment, Soilwork is one of those bands that many other bands look up to. When it all started what were the bands that influenced you?

'When I was growing up and discovering extreme metal, the Swedish scene meant a lot to me - especially with bands like Entombed and Dismember but also Dissection and At The Gates. I also liked some stuff from the Norwegian black metal scene, such as Emperor and Satyricon. At the same time I was very much into classic heavy metal, especially the Judas Priest albums "Killing Machine", "Sin After Sin" and "Screaming For Vengeance". Rob Halford really inspired me as a vocalist but also Tom Araya inspired with the way he did really powerful vocals but still enunciated every word."

Bjorn 'Speed' Strid

10. The last words are yours.

Thank you for having me. We look very much forward to come back to Romania and bring 'Verkligheten' to our Romanian fans. See you soon!!!

Asadar, inca putin pana la concertul de la Arenele Romane de pe 22 Ianuarie unde Soilwork ne promit un show pe cinste!

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