Versuri SOLEFALD - Cosmophony

Album: SOLEFALD - Neonism

[album's 2007 re-issue track]

The kiss disappeared and came back as a split
Phantom that inhabits my stomach
Dance as my limbs are playing
Your first imitation is born
An echo without source
Longing for McDonalds compassion
Ducklings follow their mother
Fried or alive
The sexual law
The chopped snake
Sensuality is Sanskrit for the few
The colour we fear
Bitten by the colour we believe
Biting back
The big rhythm appears
Grooving further into the eternal grey
Open the knowledge
Falls to the ground like a mirror
What we gather
What we save
Lose stretch strive
Searching for will in a part of the Will
The cosmophony continues in these
The brain remains behind virgin walls
My hooks are hereby thrown
Skin burst flesh torn
Faith of my fathers
Your son bleeds
Bashed in the propellers protected room
Where dreams are drowned in woollen empathy
And unfathomable fingers interpret the sea
Dream my world with open eyes
My doubt blinded by a radiant throne
Abnormal Living
Take your seat
Im not small
I dont feel ashamed
I believe my essence is pure
In the name of the Will
In the name of the Power
The split has disappeared and come back as a kiss

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