Versuri SOLEFALD - Mont Blanc Providence Crow

Album: SOLEFALD - In Harmonia Universali

{Munin, memory of Odin:
Destiny's observer in the Midgard of men
The Providence Crow knows who you are
He cries from Mont Blanc to Midgard of Men}

You saw me on the chimney of the sinking ship
You heard my hoarse cries by the bed of the sick
You can tell where I am by the sound of the whip
Every place I visit the fog of misery lies thick

I am the Destiny's Bird, the Providence Crow
from my Mont Blanc High to Humanity Low
I observe your crimes and all that goes wrong
In Harmonia Universali, this is your song

Once you lived in the caves and under the trees
Hidden in a house, now you cannot freeze
Remember I know you as the animal you are
Cutlery and clothes only make a monkey star

I can give you Wisdom, Beauty and Power
Turn you into a robot o make a flower
But I prefer just the way are
A smartly dressed criminal, a singing monkey star