Versuri SOLEFALD - Proprietors Of Red

Album: SOLEFALD - Neonism

The world is my will and I will a cigar
A coronas corona creation of sound
Cedar matchsticks light the best Cuban brand
Hiroshima hides in this fat Havana
A motion picture to rewind and master
The director died in a Nietzschean crash
Franco-American power premire
CK II Chanel no. 6
Compact disc cinema constructed for passion propaganda
Across the wide screen
Proprietors of Red prepare the cigar
The black car slid through the dust on its aluminum belly
The snake granted them the power from an unexpected eagle
C&K clad the continents in haute culture
The clothes are worn out it's time to undress
A scene in fast motion The New Timelessness
Some Tom Cruise crosses the landing ground
His last cigarette before changing history
The pilot climbs into the Priapus cockpit
Uncle Unkind's got something to deliver
A ready-made rainfall of still going drops
Compact disk cinema constructed for passion propaganda
Across the wide screen
Propietors of Red prepare the Big Boy
Let's inhale the Big Bang
Some billion years in one single breath

If you want to be to Omniopolis
what God was to Sodoma

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