Versuri SOMNOLENT - Paradoxes Of The Universe

Album: SOMNOLENT - Monochromes Philosophy

[music by Konstantin, lyrics by Alexey]

Everlasting regeneration
Couples death and life up.
The greatest is discovered in the least.
In the cycle of living
Every molecule turns into the Universe.
Nonentity and grandeur
Are equated with the destiny.
Everything is just a mirage,
Like a slow downfall
In the perpetual dusk.
Only the instant that separates the dream from death
Can be called life.
Only that instant is exquisite.
And it destructs reality,
Life as a part of the universal beauty
Destructs objective reality.
Why should I inflict sufferings on the deity with my being?
I'd better dream to create the way from the vision to reality,
To become an architect of my dream world.
But nightmare turns me into the living, where
Everything is burnt
By the flame of ruined fates.
Everything is burned
For an instant that is called infinity.
Human eternity is like the last beam of the sunset,
That carries away the scenes of the passed lives.
And only darkness remains,
Where tranquility is:
Stillness of the antique gravestone,
Serenity of the autumn rain,
Calmness of the dreaming divinity.
And only during this moment,
When you know everything,
No thing is known...

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