Sonata Arctica Chords & Tabs

Trupa a fost formata de Tony Kakko , Jani Liimatainen, Marko Paasikoski, Tommy Portimo si Pentti Peura, initial sub numele de Tricky Beans. Stilul lor initial era mai aproape de hard rock decat de power metalul care le-a adus faima mai tarziu. La inceputul carierei, au inregistrat trei demo-uri care nu au fost niciodata trimise unei case de discuri: Friend 'till the End, Agre Pamppers si PeaceMaker. In 1997 isi schimba numele in Tricky Means, odata cu radicale schimabri de stil. Clapele devin un element definitoriu al soundului formatiei.......Biografie Sonata Arctica

White Pearl Black Oceans Chords

Destruction Preventer Chords

Shamandalie Acoustic Chords

Worlds Forgotten The Words Forbidden Tab

Wolf And Raven Bass Tab

Wolf And Raven Tab

White Pearl Black Oceans Tab

Weballergy Bass Tab

Weballergy Tab

Victorias Secret Chords

Victorias Secret Tab

Vice Tab

Unopened Tab

Under Your Tree Chords

Under Your Tree Tab

The Wind Beneath My Wings Tab

The Power Of One Tab

The End Of This Chapter (ver2) Tab

The End Of This Chapter Tab

Tallulah Bass Tab

Tallulah Chords

Tallulah (ver3) Tab

Tallulah (ver2) Tab

Tallulah Tab

Still Loving You Tab

Sing In Silence Tab

Shy Chords

Shy (ver3) Tab

Shy (ver2) Tab

Shy Tab

Shamandalie Chords

Shamandalie Tab

San Sebastian Revisited Tab

San Sebastian Bass Tab

San Sebastian Tab

Ruin Of My Life Tab

Revontulet Tab

Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me Tab

Respect The Wilderness Tab

Replica Chords

Replica Tab

Rebontulet Tab

Power Of One Tab

Picturing The Past Tab

Peace Maker Tab

Paid In Full Tab

Out In The Fields Tab

My Selene Intro Tab

My Land Tab

My Land Intro Tab

Misplaced Tab

Misery Chords

Misery Tab

Mary-lou Chords

Mary-lou Tab

Mary Lou Acoustic Tab

Letter To Dana Bass Tab

Letter To Dana Tab

Last Drop Falls Tab

Land Of The Free Tab

Kingdom For A Heart (ver2) Tab

Kingdom For A Heart Tab

Janis Demonstration Tab

It Wont Fade Tab

In Black And White Tab

I Want Out Tab

Gravenimage Tab

Fullmoon Edit Tab

Fullmoon (ver2) Bass Tab

Fullmoon Bass Tab

Fullmoon Chords

Fullmoon Tab

For The Sake Of Revenge Tab

False News Travels Fast Tab

End Of This Chapter Tab

Draw Me Tab

Die With Your Boots On Tab

Destruction Preventer Tab

Champagne Bath Tab

Caleb Tab

Cage Tab

Broken Tab

Blinded No More Bass Tab

Blinded No More Tab

Blank File Tab

Black Sheep Tab

Art Of Jani Liimatainen Tab

Aint Your Fairytale Tab

8th Commandment Tab

The Last Amazing Grays Chords

In The Dark Tab

My Land Chords

The Cage Solo Tab

Letter To Dana ver2 Chords

Wildfire Chords

As If The World Wasnt Ending ver2 Tab

As If The World Wasnt Ending Tab

As If The World Wasnt Ending Chords

Victorias Secret Acoustic Chords

Shy ver4 Chords

Flag In The Ground Intro ver2 Tab

The Truth Is Out There Chords

Paid In Full Chords

Juliet Chords

Flag In The Ground Intro Tab

Breathing Tab

Blinded No More Chords

Mary Lou Chords

Gravenimage Chords

The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet Chords

Aint Your Fairytale Chords

In The Dark Chords

Breathing ver2 Chords

Breathing Chords

Caleb Chords

San Sebastian Revisited Chords

Black Sheep Chords

Dont Say A Word Chords

The End Of This Chapter Chords

The Cage Chords

Paid In Full Acoustic Chords

Weballergy Acoustic Chords

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