Versuri Sonata Arctica - False News Travel Fast

Album: Sonata Arctica - Songs Of Silence (Live In Tokyo)

[Music and lyrics by Tony Kakko]

I Look out the Window, I see the sun in the sky, for now,
it is not for me
Stories of old times, Black Book of Lies with no reason nor rhymes
No secrets, no disguise

Colour of the jealousy that hangs over thee
Why don't you believe, You still do not know me

Books of true tales,
Mirrors of tragedy
Remorseful and pale
As always these news travel fast

Walking cross snowfields, how can I trust in this path I leave
fading behind me
Pleading not guilty. It's in the nature of humankind
Installed in a manchild

Life can - do it in many ways, toss dirt on your face
But I am your man, and for you I do all I can



Standing on the station, watching your train slowly disappear
I'm only shell of a man, I thought you knew who I am...


But go ahead and blame the fool
You have beliefs that aren't true
I have not lived the life you read from



Why do you keep me in the agony?
"The Book of true tales"
How can you hate and keep me in this agony?
"The Mirror of tragedy"
I haven't lied, I haven't cheated!
"The Book of true tales"
What do you think? What do you see when you look in
"The Mirror of tragedy"

And I'm still your man, and for you I do all I can

[Chorus x2]

My life is no game
It's a real shame the false news travel fast

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