Versuri Sonata Arctica - Land Of The Free

Album: Sonata Arctica - Songs Of Silence (Live In Tokyo)

[Japanese Bonus Track]

[Music and lyrics by Tony Kakko]

From the shadows of the stars
Comes a man with no face, soul of million scars
An evil Count, The End of Days
There are many ways to

Take full advantage when we cannot see
Make us live in an part-time reality

To get a hold of the only seed
We must make them all see bloodshed that is he
Splitting hairs is not the key
Water and fire


One flash of light and for good we are gone
No-one to wonder what we have done
New breed of ignorance, new circle will start
Unless we try real hard


When you wake up, was it a dream
All the sick paradoxes all around the world
In the mean time, Count, he leaves
From the land of the free


So he takes full advantage if we cannot see
Makes us live in an full-time insanity

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