Versuri Sonic Syndicate - Burn This City

Album: Sonic Syndicate - Rebellion EP

Are we alive?
Because I heard a rumor
That the day we died was yesterday
So are we rotting now?
Can't find our graves?

Well they created a lie
Built out of structure and routine by robots
But this night we're taking the virus to them

Burn this city to let them know we're here
Burn this city to reinstall the fear
How can I sleep when you pull focus
Right before my eyes
Still they find another way to put a different gun to our heads
And so I take a breath there's plenty time to sleep when I'm dead
Is this the only way its ever gonna be?
Right before my eyes

...Don't wanna think about the end
When this ride is just getting started
Roads uncharted
Or is this end of the line? (line!)
I'm not giving lessons
Lessons how stars are forged
I just keep my finger on the trigger
And blow 'em away one by one
So can we all scream? (yeah!)
Loud enough to awaken
The zombies of society
Who control these times


And I still want to see the light (see the light)
Shining in front of my eyes

Running's easy
Where will we go - who knows?
Don't look back as long as I've got you we'll make it