Versuri Sons of Azrael - 5 5 97

Album: Sons of Azrael - The Conjuration Of Vengeance

If I could have I would have asked why.
You felt the need to die.
Wishing I could have met you at your dead end.
To show you the open road that laid ahead.
A wind, that blew the roses from your grave.
A bullet, that blew the beauty off your face.
Have you ever kissed the casket of an angel without a head.
I can tell you now things would never be the same again.
The brightest smile I'd ever seen.
Never to be seen again.
Never to be seen again.
Decayed babies breath and December snow.
Can you see me standing here all alone?
All alone.
Wind whistling through the trees.
I can almost hear your voice.
Have you heard a word I've said?
If I could have caught her before she fell.
Before she lost all hope.
She's waiting for me with open arms.
On the other side.
She's waiting for me.
In the afterlife.
She's waiting for me, she's waiting for me.
Waiting for my end to arrive.
Then we'll share what we did, before she died.
Before she died.

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