Versuri Soulfly - 07. Bumbklaatt

Album: Soulfly - Soulfly

Grow tha f**k up you waste
Can't you see what it takes
To be a real man
Talking s**t all your life
No integrity or pride
f*****g mind full of lies

You fake
You waste
You bumbklaatt...

Now I know why
I turn my back on your life
And watch your envy arise
Now it's been so long
Yeah, you still won't grow up
And you never belong

So f**k you and your friends
I got time for revenge
And you ain't got tomorrow
So f**k you and your friends
Cause they still are the same
And your bullshit remains...

[Lyrics: Max C.]
[Vocals: Max C.]
[R/Guitarz: Max C.]
[L/Guitarz: Jackson B.]
[Bazz: Marcello D.]
[Drumz: Roy M.]
[Tambores: Jorge Du Peixe / Gilmar Bolla Oito]
["You think you all good" by Zyon C.]