Versuri Spineshank - 04. Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive)

Album: Spineshank - Self-Destructive Pattern

Punctured lungs
I'm out of breath, this time I'm suffocating
I've had enough now, too numb there's no resisting
Becoming one, with all your failure
No coming back now, this bridge has been burned

Try to cut the cord
Tear away or I will never be the same
Trust breaks like bone
Violence shows
Reject and throw it all away

Consume the fight in me
Suspend reality
If it stops the room from spinning
Repressed identity
Escape reality

You killed the cause, this keeps repeating
Live through the loss now, redeem your enemies
Recycled thoughts, feed your delusion
Your lie outgrows you, become it's own truth

Still it seems so wrong
The way you think
And I will never understand
Faith broke like bone
Weakness shown
You lost throw it all away

Puncture my lungs

I've never felt your emptiness
It makes me sick now
Obsessive with your reasons
Compulsive with your failure

Try to cut the cord
Tear away or I will never be the same

How could you live with youself

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