Versuri Spiritual Beggars - Inside Charmers

Album: Spiritual Beggars - Mantra III

I feel so lonely in my own born shoes
I've tried so hard to be happy like you
Hold me
somebody hold me
Drowning, I think I'm drowning
I can not bring myselt to break out of this blue
It's cutting deeper and it's eating me numb
Save me
somebody save me
Drowning, I think I'm drowning

But I feel fine today
cos I've got friends inside my head
They tell me stories about
the world within ourselves
...and watch me get high
I shocked the Midnight Lady
f****d her lazy head
I took the ride to disaster
gave birth to a ghost

The world belongs to the weak
the strong ones have commited suicide
I wear my dirty black jeans
right into a dream

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