Versuri Spiritual Beggars - Send Me A Smile

Album: Spiritual Beggars - Mantra III

Nominate myself for what I want to achive
Form my surroundings in relation to the seed
Smiles swims in a muddy breath
thirsting pulsating blood
What else can I do, than to feed me with a bigger thirst

But I wonder why tears run dry
Mind control
well I think I've lost mine
Let's climb the holy mountain
and eat the stars

Under the wisdom tree
we'll drink the weeping grass
I need my fire drug
to feel the flood
I'm selfdestructive baby
But a friendly one

You better leave me here alone
I need this night to heal my world
Send me a smile and I'll get bye

But let me drink my wine tonight
Too late to turn back pages
ambush, a part of my life
Nowdays the sun won't shine
Cos like my head, its lost in a cloud
My heart is broken baby
but still it's pounding
Too long with pills and booze
my short-memory ain't what it should

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