Spiritualized Chords & Tabs

Also known as Spi-Ritual Country: Germany Label: Listen & Think Website: www.spi-ritual.com Formed in: 2005 2005- Ethnic influenced Gothic metal Line-up Current members: 2005-  Stefan Hertrich - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards   Session musicians: 2006  Gaby Koss - vocals   2006  Maurizio Guolo - drums   2006 ......Biografie Spiritualized

Soul On Fire Chords

Straight And The Narrow Chords

Stop Your Crying Chords

Stop Your Crying Tab

Stay With Me Bass Tab

Shine A Light Bass Tab

On Fire Chords

Lord Let It Rain On Me Chords

Lord Can You Hear Me Chords

If I Were With Her Now Tab

Hold On Chords

Cool Waves Chords

Come Together Chords

Broken Heart Chords

Anyway That You Want Me Chords

All Of My Tears Chords

Lord Let It Rain On Me ver2 Chords

Dont Just Do Something Tab

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