Versuri SQUEALER - Bereft Of Senses

Album: SQUEALER - Human Traces

You got the wrong think right
You go insane
This is a story of
Which is not to blame
Come on and listen now
I tell it you
Are not afraid of me
I tell the truth

Bereft of senses
Bewitched in a way
To get this horror of my mind

I got the power of dissatisfied
You wanna knock me down
I'm getting tied
Every man has his price
You becoming rich
You are a keeper now
Of this old b***h


The fat is in the fire
f**k off any rules
Come on friends
And stay tonight
Hey what's going on
You are too shy
It's a dream of easy living
Of loving and forgivin'
You don't know

Bereft of senses
Bewitched in a way
That's what we play
Come on friends
And f**k off any rules
You can't trust in this game
Come on
f**k off any rules



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