Versuri SQUEALER - I Will Fight

Album: SQUEALER - Human Traces

Fighting for freedom
Fighting for peace
Love is on the run
You can't trust in loneliness
The feelings disappear

When you tear me down, I believe
Oh can you throw my mind, I'm free
Hey can you feel the loneliness
You can't stop to drink
Hey now enjoy the loneliness
You can stop to think
When, when you see the light
I'm on the run
Oh can you see the light?

I will fight - against the night
I will fight - until I die
I will fight

There's no use in looking back
Being tied in chains
Memories might make you sad
Come on take your way



Down deep in the night
You blow it up
You'll running down

Screaming in the night
A fistful of steel
Power in my hands
Destroy my life
Destroy my dreams
You can stop this game


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