Versuri SQUEALER - Liar

Album: SQUEALER - Wrong Time, Wrong Place?

You will catch the speed of light
Seeming like an aimless fight
You gonna hide yourself
From your illusions

[Pre - Chorus:]
You wanna tear me up
You wanna break me down
Live your life!

[Chorus (Twice):]
You will be no liar
You want to break me down

Poison is your favourite cure
Can't survive and that's for sure
Ever feel the urge
When the needle lies

[Pre - Chorus]

[Chorus (Twice)]

[Bridge (Twice)]
You will be no liar
No longer a slave to your drug habit
You will be no liar
You feel blue
Please tell me the truth
Tell me the truth

Say you will
Say you will
Say you will, again!

[Repeat 1. Verse]
[Pre - Chorus]
[Chorus (Twice)]

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