Absolutely ver3 Chords - Starfield

This is an awesome love song to our savior Jesus Christ. A great song to just sit and 
out to him (gives me chills).

These are the chords that Jon and Tim played on the New Song Cafe video they did (you 
check it out on http://www.youtube.com/user/NewSongCafe) so this should be 100% correct.

Verse 1
Bm                   G
Lover of my soul
D                     D/C#
I want to tell You
Only You have all of me
Bm             G
I cannot contain
D              D/C#
My adoration
I'm in love so desperately

Em                                        A
No one is as lovely as You are
Em                                                            A
And there is no one else who has my heart

D           D/C#             A
Jesus, You have me completely
Every breath that I breathe
D/F#         G            A
I am absolutely in love
D         D/C#         A
Jesus, I am Yours forever
All of me surrenders
D/F#           G          A              D
I am absolutely in love with You

Verse 2
Bm                 G
Down upon my knees
D               D/C#
I'm lost in worship
Humbled by Your majesty
Bm                   G
What is there to say
D               D/C#
But how I love You
Thank You for forgiving me

Em            A
All I am is Yours
Em        A
Only Yours

Bm: 020032
D/C#: 040232

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