I Need A Father Chords - Starfield

STARFIELD - I Need A Father
CD - The Saving One

Capo 5 (You may play it with Capo 3 in D, or Capo 1 in E, if you want)

C G G Am Em Dm C

Lead (relative to capo)

Verse 1
 C  G    G     Am        Em     Dm   C
Hold me, somebody; don't let me be alone
 C   G    G        Am        Em   Dm      C
Love me, stay with me; I am dying to be known

Chorus 1
   C                           F  G
My heart cries out, "I need a Father
        Am        C      G
"Whose love will never fail me
                  F G
"A friend like no other
        Am     C          G
"Whose trusted arms will hold me
"I need a Father."

Repeat Intro chords

Verse 2 (same chords as Verse 1)
I am wounded but I took the pain away
Free me, heal me; I don't want to be afraid.

Repeat Chorus 1 without last line

Am         F         G       C
Here's my heart; be tender please
Am       F        C       G
Let me know your love for me
Am         F         G       C
Here's my heart; I'm on my knees
Am       F          C     G
I will trust 'cause I believe

Chorus 2 (same chords as Chorus 1)
You are my Father
Your love will never fail me
A friend like no other
Your trusted arms will hold me
You are my Father.

Once again, I can't find the chords for this song at all in the entire interwebs. 
So I decided to tab it. Please comment and critique.

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