Versuri Static-X - Cannibal

Album: Static-X - Cannibal

Thrash it bash it live to smash it
Light the spark reach out and crash.

Rip it stronger grind it longer
Harder faster rabbit master.

Sleeping beast rest in peace
Far too primal
Rip the flesh taste of death
Bite the gristle
Killing game primitive inquisition
Tear it up inside out
Small incision.

Assimilate trust in hate
Your obsession
Celebrate assassinate
Your religion
Un and them hollow field
Sensing fear
Cannibal cant believe youre a person.

Chop it up peel the skin
Slow dissection
Sick minds Im blind to the reason
Tune it up touch down
Angel grinder
Cannibal watch and prey on the victim.

Killing game
Watch and prey on the victim
Rabid beast
Cant believe youre a Cannibal.

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