Versuri Static-X - Cuts You Up

Album: Static-X - Cannibal

I make no apologies
For the past
I had to live
Through it all to get
Where I am
f**k it all
If you dont like what I am
Then dont you
Look at me
Who ever made
You a god
Who ever gave
You the right
To criticize
Take another slice.

Cut out shut out run out
Tear digital noise out
It cuts you up
Cuts you up
Heavy hate will feed it
Sharp sized razor bleed it
It cuts you up
Cuts you up
It cuts you up.

I take no bullshit
In the past
I took it all
Never again
Shut it up
Put it out
If you cant handle that s**t
Then dont you stick around
What I became is stronger
What I have made
You cannot criticize
New found ayes.