Johnny And Mary Chords - Status Quo

Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 01/10/07

The chords for this song (for one of the guitars, anyway) are palm muted. Just so you know!

Intro: E
                E                             C#m
Johnny's always runnin around, trying to find certainty
                 E                                  G#m
He needs all the world to confirm that he ain't lonely
                A                     B
Mary counts the walls, knows he tires easily

                  E                                    C#m
Johnny thinks the world would be right if it would buy truth for him
             E                              G#m
Mary says he changes his mind more than a woman
                 A                  B               A B
But she made her bed, even when the chance was slim

                 E                                C#m
Johnny says he's willing to learn when he decides he's a fool
                  E                                G#m
Johnny says he'll live anywhere when he has time to
               A                       B
Mary combs her hair. Says he should be used to it

            E                                C#m
Mary always hedges her bets, she never knows what to think
                    E                           G#m
She says he's still acting like he's being discovered
                     A                B
Scared that he'll be caught without a second thought


That's it, basically. Just play the same chords again for the last two verses and you're done! :D

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