STEEL ATTACK Chords & Tabs

Country: Sweden Label: Massacre Records Website: Formed in: 1997 1997- Heavy Power metal Line-up Current members: 1998-  John Allan - guitars   2003-  Ronny Hemlin - vocals   2007-  Johan Löfgren - bass   2007-  Peter Morén - drums   2007-  Simon Johansson - guitar   Former......Biografie STEEL ATTACK

Judgement Day Intro Tab

Clearing The Mind Tab

Defender Of The Crown Tab

Fall Into Madness Tab

Fireballs Tab

Forgotten Land Tab

Guardians Tab

Heading For The Lair Tab

Holy Swordsmen Tab

Island Of Gods Tab

The Awakening Tab

The Beast Tab

The Creation Of Be-lou Tab

Thunder Knight Tab

Where Mankind Fails Tab

Wings Of Faith Tab

Dragons Skull Intro Tab

Village Of Agabha Intro Tab

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