Versuri STEEL ATTACK - Bless My Sins

Album: STEEL ATTACK - Enslaved

Never, it is never too late
To late for redemption
Youre always to be forgiven
No matter what youve done

Wicked, vicious deeds
Its all right in the name of our lord
"Jesus Christ I did it in your name
Therefore I can not be blame"

Glory to our lord
Hail to you, forgive my sins
In your name we fight our wars
We kill for you and hope to win

Salvation, the key to freedom
A god sent permission to set yourself up
In judgement of of lives
"Divine is thy kingdom
Show me the way, be my guiding ligh"


- Why is evil good in the name of god?

Forever, forever safe
As long as you follow his way
Safe from the flames of hell
Just remember to pray