Versuri STEEL PROPHET - Betrayal

Album: STEEL PROPHET - Dark Hallucinations

I've been caught
They're on to me
Metal hound on the loose
I just can't last

Turned in by my wife
Her fear to great
What love for me

The government
Will make a sport of me
Hunted like an animal

Escape my only thought
Will the underground help a fireman

Never trust anyone
They'll always get you
You'll lose
They're out to get you

And spies
They want my job
What's told aren't lies!

I left a trail
The hound attacks
Head pounding


No escape
One last pain
Down to the zone
Forbidden place
No one can find me

They need a sacrifice
Innocent blood will do
On TV I see
Who's supposed to be me
Cut down mercilessly
Ripped to shreds
They've done the deed

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