Versuri STEEL PROPHET - Devoid Of Logic

Album: STEEL PROPHET - The Goddess Principle

I know your not evil or wicked
And yet we let this evil breed
The flesh that dressed our table took
From a beast that feels pain like you or me
We enslaved people of different races
Until we knew it was wrong
Now we raise and kill entire species
Inhumane if dog or cat
You say they're weak of mind, exploit them as
We please, the retarded weak of mind shall
We dispose of too?
Starving people need the grain,
That's fed to the herds as they die in vain
The main user of the water we need, more
Than half by the butchers of beasts
25 gallons make a pound of wheat
25 hundred for a pound of flesh
Thousands are left dead on the plains
Our cattle get fat out ways are insane
Who are we to decide which species may
Live or die
Who we breed to serve flesh lust
Betray their lives and call it just
We are not above them all, as we believe
Since Satan's fall
Experiments to dastardly, poison beasts and make
Them bleed
Hitler was a holy Jew, compared to what science
does today
If you think them to be right, torture your
Pet and drain it's life
Slaughtering life brings high rewards to he who
Slays, but the blood's on our hands
Illogic twists it's way as we seek to find
That we are not wrong
When a thing suffers needlessly, a rage wells up
Inside of me
Who gives you the selfish right, to treat the
World as you please?
We are all not here for you to abuse us