Versuri STEEL PROPHET - Trapped In The Trip

Album: STEEL PROPHET - Into The Void (Hallucinogenic Conception)

Steal away from life with me to a place that's hidden
to all but me I find the way to a place in my brain
genetic shapes on the DNA chain I fly down the hall
like a runaway train reality warps as I near insane
hypnotic trance in the path it lay pick it up it shoots
sparkling rays the trip returns again returns again again
the trip never ends no evolution reversed I go back through
lives awed by lives I am there as earth begins before mans
time and the dawn of sin the cosmic primordial soup I exist
within it all is no past is no future existence shall be my only tutor
my dream starts again the life tree reigns knowledge is second life grows
strong the dream lifts the sleep from my eyes the dream
of ascension was real images fade when I sleep
why are we so was the waking not real

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