Versuri STEEL PROPHET - Unconscious Man (Walks Erect)

Album: STEEL PROPHET - Continuum

Preying on scared rabbit glared in the eyes
Twisted shreds of fabric, cold glare when it's done
sometimes I think I'm the same, but I'm not
If they had their way you'd be just drops of fluid

But who are they to judge you the unconscious masses
You will enter voids of penultimate storms
Talons of energy remake a new form
Nothing is remembered on the surface you've escaped
but paid

Father beats and rapes you in innocence
Hands and knees face down the taste you spit
The taste you spit, don't become again
One more try to walk erect, the candle flickers
The storm pursues, the wax burns your face
triumph atop a wave that descends
a steadily rising curve we've all won

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