Versuri Stefan Banica Jr. - Mr Rock`n`Roll

Album: Stefan Banica Jr. - Impreuna

I' ve got a woman who's a b***h,
I' ve got a woman back at home!
That's life, honey-bunny,
When you're siging rock'n'roll!

I'm mister rock'n'roll!
I'm siging with my soul!
I'm mister rock'n'roll.
And I do the best I can in my shows!

I' ve got a BMW,
I' ve got a naughty GRETSCH guitar!
I'm singing everywhere I want
But I like this f*****g bar!

I'm gonna kill that crazy piano.
I'm gonna kill the beast in me!
I'm gonna rockin'all night log
For my buddy Jerry Lee!

I'm drinkin' red wine with Coke
I'm dreinkin' Bourbon on the rocks
We gonna have a rockin' party,
Blow that damn horn Cocos Doc!