Summertime Chords - Stereophonics

This was a B-side on a thousand trees possibly a cover not sure. this is my first tab, be kind, vallance.

 Am    D7  Am     D7          Am  D7      Am  D7
Summertime and the living is easy 
Am     Dm                       E
 Fish are jumping the cotton is high 
Am           D7   Am       D7            Am      D7      Am   D7
Your daddy's rich and your mother's good lookin' 
Am    c                   Am   Dm     Am   D7      Am  D7
  So hush little baby and don't you cry. 

(Same again)
One of these mornings your gonna wind up singing 
Your gonna spread your wings and reach for the sky 
But until that mornin' your gonna wind up singin' 
And mommy and daddy are standin' by. 

then all thw whoooooa at the end with same chords, cheers valdinosaur

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