T Shirt Suntan Chords - Stereophonics

(by Stereophonics from the album "performance and cocktails")
tabbed by AAuuddee@aol.com

INTRO:   A  
---------7-------------------  (x4)

VERSE1:    A  /  Cm#  /  D  /  Dm  /  E  (x3)
                 A  /  Cm#  /  D  /  Dm  /  G  /  C (xx5553)

He was walking 'round to you,one said French afternoon,so he called into a shop for two
He bought himself an ice drink,a totally tropical nice drink,then he saw what he thought was you in a room
He thought about goin' over,but you were always much older,and your sex dressed breasts impressed too
He'd really like to get it together,before the 12th of never,so he's coming over

CHORUS1:      C  /  F  /  Am  /  Bb  (add e/---3--- to C/F/Am and let it ring)
                      C  /  F  /  Am  /  Bb  /  F  /  G

It's when all the phases come around
The clothes you wear the sex and love
It's enough for the time outta touch out ooof oh oh oh luuuuck!

VERSE2:   A / Cm# / D 

A  /  Cm#  /  D  /  Dm  /  G   / C  (xx5553)
while you can play this in the background  G/--2s6--6b--6s2--

He always liked them older,so that his top lip touched on her shoulder,lionized undisguised kill for you
Like to show you his teeshirt suntan,like to show you his minute head stand,then a gun spun open

CHORUS2:     C  /  F  /  Am  /  Bb  (add e/---3--- to C/F/Am and let it ring)
                     C  /  F  /  Am  /  Bb  /  F 

                     C  /  F  /  Am  /  Bb  
                     C  /  F  /  Am  /  Bb  /  F  /  G

G and G/--0--1s2--0---        
F and B/--1--0---------  (x2)

G and G/--2s4--2--0--0--2--0- 
F and D/--2b--0--0--0--0--

G and F

>From you to me to me to you (x4)


A and G/--1s2--1s2--1s2s4--

C#m and G/--1s2--1s2--1s2s1--

D / Dm / G / and play the intro riff slower until the end



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