Versuri Stick To Your Guns - Life Through Western Eyes

Album: Stick To Your Guns - The Hope Division

out of style out of date quick! you better start clearing out some closet space. such a waist but tv has it justified. life through
western eyes. homicidal kids, the drugs and the q***r they have us all living in a culture of fear and you better forget about trusting
your peers. life through western eyes. - "what color is my safety today?" "i drank water from the sink, do you think thats okay?" "i
really dont think its safe to go outside today." "this is what happens when we dont pray" increase the insanity - they have us right where
they want us. by our heads and by our wallets. another day in locked in paradise. theres nothing to see here so just close your eyes. -
substance abuse declines while the war on drugs intensifies. you dont have to agree. this is called better safe than sorry. life through
western eyes. too fat too ugly you will amount to nothing you better pick the pace or you'll be stuck on the side lines life through
western eyes. - this is life through western eyes - life through western eyes - so you better not think just sit back and take another
drink why swim when we can sink increase the insanity

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