Am stat de vorba cu Cherry-merry inaintea celor 6 concerte din Romania

de Cristi Nedelcu

Am stat de vorba cu Cherry-merry inaintea celor 6 concerte din Romania

Ucrainenii de la Cherry-merry pleaca la drum cu un nou turneu format din 6 concerte in Romania, motiv bun sa aflam cum e sa canti acoperit complet in vopsea sau cum s-au simtit anul trecut cand au ajuns pentru prima data in tara noastra.

Metalhead: Hello and how is the party going in the Cherry-merry camp?


All is getting ready for the tour, so it’s crazy busy every day! We are looking forward to come and play to Romania. This time we prepared some new merch and some new songs for the fans, and they are quite awesome! Both… songs and fans J

Metalhead: I've always wanted to ask you about that crazy "Rock'n'Rolla" video. How much paint did you use and how does it feel to play fully covered? How did you come up with that idea?

Well, that was our very first video, shot by our friends – Born Vision, who became super-professional video production studio and we are very-very proud for them and our cooperation. When we met them and decided to shoot “Rock’n’Rolla”, we started brainstorming the idea… and they came up with this proposition to play painted with a regular outdoor walls paint. That should have been looking very bright and catchy, so we agreed.

The paint was everywhere, inside the nose, mouth, ears etc. For one more week I was taking pieces of that out of my ears and that was scary! Moreover, I swallowed a loooot of that paint, and my stomach kept reminding me that for quite a long time. It was funny, it looked cool, we have a lot of “backstage” videos of that shoot, but we felt as s**t, because a human body is not ready to take that paint inside in fact! But that’s art… you know J

Metalhead: When can we expect a follow-up album to "Listen Loud!"?

A very long silence after our first album is for sure a subject for excuse and explanation… Yes, for some time we had some issues with new songs, it was hard to create something new for some reason. At least something that we liked. Actually, there were few songs of that period that are in fact pretty nice, but maybe we set very high expectations and underrated those tracks… so they were just forgotten forever. We released only 2 singles during this time, because we were 100% sure that they are awesome. Now, we have written enough bad-a*s tracks for the next album and working on their arrangement and last preparations for recording. So, we will release a new album for sure and pretty soon!

Metalhead: When opening your facebook page, one is greeted by a live video of you guys playing in front of a huge crowd at Mykolaiv in 2017. How was that experience for you and what's the story behind that show you did?

That was a Birthday of our city and it was a very cool show with a lot of amazing artists on the stage… So all the active part of city citizens was there. Of course that’s super responsible to play in front of such crowd, and not less exciting for sure! Especially when you know a lot of those people, work with them, leave near them. We enjoyed it, and as we’ve seen – people enjoyed too.

Metalhead: What's your take on today's state of the music industry? What would you pick between releasing albums on vinyl or using only streaming services?

Today I would not call it industry. Anywhere… either in Ukraine, or in Romania, or in the World! Because everything is so chaotic now, so much information, so many bands, genres, platforms. And the audience is so much different. We have some people who are involved in music creation, production, listening, but this cannot be structured into Industry like it was before. And promotional schemes work in different way too.

If it is a strict choice, we would release new tracks using streaming services. To be as widely accessible as possible, because we want to be known and heard by as many people as it can be. Though, for sure we would like to release some limited edition of vinyl plates for those who value this atmosphere and love our music as much as we do.

Metalhead: I am familiar with a lot of stoner bands from your country and it seems the genre is gaining more and more popularity. You guys took a different approach, more in the vein of garage rock. How did you decide this was the direction for your music?

These are all very underground genres for Ukraine, so I would not say that stoner has more audience than garage/indie music there. Basically that’s the same people, and we never thought to create music for mass listener, as we would have been playing pop. We play what our inspiration gives us, what we feel and of course, in some way we follow artists that have influence on us… The bands we were brought up on.

Metalhead: This tour will not be your first time coming to Romania. Any memories you'd like to share from previous times you toured here?

It was just very awesome and surprising tour. Completely new experience for us as it was our first tour out of Ukraine.

We did not expect it will be so hard to be on road for so long, loading the van every day and we did not expect it to be so fantastic when you feel real freedom and connection with that number of great people!

Of course, we have been impressed by architecture in Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara. We were shocked by Gravel Room club in Satu-Mare, which is in fact a big private old-fashion house in the middle of the nowhere, and it was a Halloween party, and we were in Romania - the Motherland of Vlad the Impaler, there was some huge dog in the yard… We were scared as s**t! But it was one of the best shows of the tour and one of the best parties I can remember in my life! It was the last gig of the tour, so we were celebrating.

Now we can say that people in Romania are super-hospital, they for sure know how to have fun and we love them! Maybe this connection is because my deep Romanian roots, who knows J

Metalhead: What's in store for this tour? What can we expect from the shows you'll do in Romania?

As I already mentioned, we will play new songs and we have some cool merch for our fans. I am pretty sure that this time we will sound much cooler; we worked on it and of course will give all our energy to the audience!

Metalhead: What's your music of choice when touring in a van? What's blasting from your speakers?

Actually, in each country we try to listen to local radio, watch local TV, even if we do not understand any word… that merges us into the atmosphere of the country, makes us closer to every person who will be at our gig in the evening, shows us the culture of the people. So in Romania we try to find the most Romanian radio J

Metalhead: Send a message to people who will show up to your gigs:

We always thought that live is more important than recordings, and only live you can feel that music and energy, not only hear it.

That will be loud, that will make you high, that will pull you out of your everyday life. Come and check us LIVE!

Datele turneului:

7 Noiembrie, Suceava - Motor's Pub

8 Noiembrie, Cluj-Napoca - Hardward Club w/The Flying Detachment

9 Noiembrie, Timisoara – Manufactura

10 Noiembrie, Zalau - Rock'n Roll Center

11 Noiembrie, Sibiu - Underground Pub

12 Noiembrie, Bucuresti - Yellow Club w/ Coven Clash

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