Internetul vrea sa cumpere casa lui Glenn Danzig

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Internetul vrea sa cumpere casa lui Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig, solistul iconic al legendarei trupe Misfits, si-a scos la vanzare casa din Los Angeles pentru suma de 1,2 milioane de dolari.

Fanii artistului au lansat o campanie online via indiegogo pentru a strange suma de 666,666 de dolari cu care sa achizitioneze ciudata casa a artistului. Persoanele care vor dona bani vor primi cadou tricouri, postere, carti postale, caramizi sau pamant din curtea casei, iar cei cu buzunarul mai generos vor putea petrece cateva nopti sub celebrul acoperis.

"Glenn Danzig, iconic frontman for The Misfits, Samhain and the band Danzig, is selling his house. Used as offices and storage after Satan’s Child moved out a while back, the Addams Family-looking 1907 craftsman home is now listed for sale on Zillow for 1.2 million dollars. Rather than restore it to its “glorious past” as the real estate listing suggests, let’s preserve this place as the gothic shrine that it is.

Like a punk rock Graceland, the inventor of fiendcore’s former home will serve as a museum of sorts, open to the public for Ghouls’ Night, Halloween parties, weddings held at the Witching Hour, seances filled with Skulls and Daisies, and anything else imaginable.

Be a part of making this into a Devil’s Plaything for fans, a real life Hollywood Babylon Not of This World, and a cool place where All Hell Breaks Loose. Join us in staking a claim in this Dominion or donate what you can to help canonize this hallowed ground as the American Nightmare it deserves to be.

We the buyers will not live on site. The plan is to leave the exterior intact, renovating the inside for curatorial displays and community use, and to hire a staff of minions and monsters to keep the crypt tight. It’ll be a scream! What in Green Hell are you waiting for?

* House shown in video is not Danzig’s house."

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