Interviu cu The Sixpounder inainte de primul lor concert in Romania

de Cristi Nedelcu

Interviu cu The Sixpounder inainte de primul lor concert in Romania

The Sixpounder este una dintre cele mai active trupe din Polonia. In ultimii ani au lansat 3 albume, au cantat la festivaluri mari din lume, au colaborat cu nume grele din scena poloneza de metal si se pot lauda si cu soundtrackul facut pentru un film. Cu ocazia editiei Rock'N Iasi din luna mai, trupa va concerta pentru prima data in Romania, ne-am decis sa-i trimitem niste intrebari lui Pawel "Ostry" Ostrowski, bassistul trupei.

Metalhead: Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. How is the band doing at the moment?

Ostry: The pleasure is all mine, thank you for having me. The band is fantastic, we’re working on our 4th album. The songs that are being created are very new, and fresh for us. We are happy with the direction the band is heading in.

Metalhead: It's been two years since your last album came out. When can we expect a new The Sixpounder album and what should we expect from it?

Ostry: It will definitely be very melodic. The album "True To Yourself" was more rough around the edges. However, melodic vocals and a lot of melody are something we feel best in. In our songs there was always a lot of electronics, which was well hidden underneath the guitars and often unnoticeable. Now we are going to make it more visible. It will be a strong accent.

Metalhead: What are the messages you are trying to send to your fans through your lyrics and music?

Ostry: As for the music layer, energy has always been in the first place. We like to transmit it to people with our sounds. We often get information from fans that our music gives them a positive life kick. It motivates them. As for the lyrical layer, we are writing about daily struggles, dreams and feuds. We live in the best times possible yet not much people are really appreciating it. Our songs are observational in nature. With a twist.

Metalhead: If you’d have to describe The Sixpounder in three terms, which ones would you choose?

Ostry: Energy, Groove, Friendship.

Metalhead: One thing that caught my attention about The Sixpounder is how your writing can jump from straight ragers like “True To Yourself” to songs like “Dead Man Walking”. Could you share some details about how song writing works in your band?

Ostry: I am the main composer of The Sixpounder songs. But together with the rest of the band, we try not to limit ourselves with anything. We listen to a lot of different music, sometimes extremely different, from classic, through pop to brutal metal. The result of all this is what you can hear on our CDs. Despite the often considerable stylistic divergence, it seems to me that we have found a common denominator that defines the music of The Sixpounder.

Metalhead: You guys play some top notch groove/metalcore/melodic death metal. What are the bands that inspired you early on for your music approach?

Ostry: There is seriously a lot of it. The obvious things that shaped us were Pantera, Metallica, Death, Testament, Slayer, Slipknot, Korn. A lot of riff play.

Metalhead: It's quite rarely you hear about successful stories coming out of these tv shows like "The Voice of Poland", in your case, let alone about metal vocalists! How did that happen and what do you think made Universal Music sign your band?

Ostry: We tried to take advantage of this situation when such programs were not so popular yet, and more specifically it was the first edition of The Voice of Poland. Nowadays, we know what the purpose of these programs truly is, but in retrospect we do not regret anything. We were discovered by a lot of people then who stayed with us until today. We meet them at our concerts, so we appreciate the adventure with television and take it as a plus. It was a really great adventure. However, if we were to take part in something like that now, we would certainly refuse. After years, we think that this subject has devalued a lot. As for the Universal label, they were very interested in Filip, but he did not want to split up with The Sixpounder and start a solo career, so they offered us a contract for the whole band, which we pulled the trigger on it.

Metalhead: You guys played with a lot of legendary bands over the years, so could you share with us which one would be your favorite?

Ostry: Indeed, we had this unquestionable pleasure and a great honor for us was the opportunity to play in front of many great bands. We remember every concert or tour very well. The tour with Vader certainly made a huge impression on us. This was our first long, long tour. We will remember forever the day we opened for the legendary Motorhead.! Something amazing.

Metalhead: Since we tackled this subject, any crazy stories you can share with us?

Ostry: There were a lot of them, but we are a relatively polite band, so nothing dramatic happened. Or we do not remember it :)

Metalhead: You did three songs for the soundtrack of a polish comedy recently, so I’d like you to tell us how it was to work with the movie business. Also, is the band appearing in the film?

Ostry: Indeed, it was a crazy situation. An amazing adventure, to be a part of Polish cinematography. We wanted our songs to fit into the atmosphere of the film and from the opinions heard, we did it very well. We were on the set all day, but the scene with us is very short. We can be found in the movie, but it is really a symbolic episode :). However, yes, we are there :). Look for a fight in the Diabolique club. :)

Metalhead: You'll be playing at Rock'N Iasi soon, so send a message to Romanian metal fans that will come out to see you.

Ostry: We are very excited that we will be able to play in Romania for the first time! We love to play in new places, and from the opinions of our friends from other bands that have visited your country, I know that Romanian metal fans are fantastic! We can hardly wait!

Metalhead: Any plans to return to Romania after the festival?

Ostry: Perhaps we will like it with you so much that we will stay permanently! :) And seriously, we will definitely come back to you with new material! Stay frosty!

Metalhead: Last words belong to you:

Ostry: Traditionally - listen to good music, keep your heads and hearts open. And most of all, go to concerts! :)

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